Robin Beattie


When you travel with Backroads, it’s more than just a trip. Backroads is a traveling organization that allows users to see the world from bikes. It’s being in and apart of the culture. Feeling, seeing, immersing yourself in a moment that will be treasured for the rest of your life. It’s not just cycling, it’s cyclelust. Let’s ride to wonder.


Utilizing the rising popularity of biking in urban areas, Backroad’s is taking commuters on an experience of here vs there by taking over bikeshares, bike racks, and ambient travel locations, transforming the mundane to remarkable travel moments.  


Taking advantage of the bikeshare systems set up in cities will allow Backroads to engage directly with bikers and travelers spread throughout cities. The Backroads Bikeshare Experience will encourage bikers to take the path less tread to discover temporary pop up installations that could only be on the backroads. These share bikes will be transformed into Cyclelust bikes with interactive screens informing users on the experience to come.


To drive people to the experience, bike racks will be transformed into mini travel agencies, displaying the possibilities of Backroads experiences around the world, as well as wrapped bike lanes and moving walkway takeovers in airport terminals.


These experiences will be featured on the Cyclelust website, where users can select a path and discover what they have to offer using Google Views. At the end users can pin where they’d like to go next to see where the Backroads experience can take them.

Everyone loves to travel, but for those with Cyclelust, they yearn for more. They ride to wonder.