Robin Beattie


Tennis can be a pretty competitive sport with players always looking for a way to gain an edge on the game. They’re not just players, they’re competitors and they compete to win. Tennis has been a game of feeling but now players can take their game to the next level with Babolat Play, the first racket of it’s kind that gives real stats about your game using the “pulse” feature, allowing true competitors to hone their skill to an exact measure, and make every movement a step on the path to know victory’s pulse.


To play up this new level of competition, Babalot will call for player to embrace their competitiveness taking it to a new level, more concrete level by turning every aspect of the game into a competition in the “Ultimate Competitors Match Point”, the olympic games of the tennis world.


To promote this messages of the true competitor will be placed strategically around courts and tennis arena’s. Court reveals will appear to those using clay courts, interactive kiosks will be placed strategically for players to learn more about how their game could be optimized and outdoorboards will talk directly to the hearts of our true competitors, all calling them to learn more at the victory’s pulse website.


The site is the home of the competition. Players can learn more about the competition, what games are being held, leaderboards as well as how they rank with professionals, where they can join in at official and community Match Point events, as well as where to get the gear.

With Babalot play growth isn’t just a gut feeling anymore, it’s a pulse with real stats and data. Take your competitiveness to the next level. Know victory’s pulse.