Robin Beattie

Roxy Glasses Packaging

My assignment was to create packaging for a Quicksilver product supporting a Quicksilver initiative. I chose to work with Landcare, an environmental support group, and to package ROXY flower sunglasses, in keeping with the nature theme. I wanted the packaging to be more than just a container, but a way to further the message. I decided to construct the box out of seed paper, so that once it has served its original purpose, it can be planted. A marker and tag is provided, allowing the Landcare Initiative to reach beyond the original buyer.


Instructions included on the box direct the buyer to bury the box and how to care for it, spreading the Landcare Initiative message. The marker has a QR code to drive people to the Landcare website, and encourage people to protect and beautify their environment. Even after the tag is gone, once the seed paper grows the flowers will be a lasting mark on the world.